Re: Adopt‐an‐Haitian‐Internet‐technician‐or‐facility

Sean Donelan sean at
Mon Feb 8 20:02:51 UTC 2010

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, Steven Bellovin wrote:
> As a matter of form, how might one check out the legitimacy of requests 
>like this?  (No, I don't think this one is fake...)

Although folks on the ground are focused on doing good work, this is an
area where the reputation and infrastructure of well-known organizations
can be used to validate and coordinate fund raising.  Unfortunately, with 
every disaster comes opportunites for fraud and con-men.  Like Steve, I 
don't think this is fake, but is always a good opportunity to educate 
people who want to help.

One possible starting point is the Internet Society

   We especially wish to draw attention to the immediate response of
   organizations such as Inveneo, NetHope, the Network Startup Resource
   Center (NSRC), Packet Clearing House (PCH), LACNIC, the IEEE, and many
   others, all mobilizing for much-needed, practical, on-the-ground

ISOC provides links to those organizations, but you should get the links 
directly from ISOC or the organization not my mail message.

For those in the United States, another well-known starting point is the 
WhiteHouse.GOV website

Again, those are just pointers.  You should still verify people claiming 
to represent those organizations, and contact them using some out-of-band 
method.  Phishers often email, postal mail, phone calls and even in person 
contacts pretend to be well-known, well-trusted entities.

Suggestions from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation about scams and 
how to report them in the US.

Personal opinion, not representing any organization

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