Some truth about Comcast - WikiLeaks style

Lamar Owen lowen at
Mon Dec 20 15:47:22 CST 2010

On Monday, December 20, 2010 03:44:33 pm Owen DeLong wrote:
> The vast majority of residences are more than 5,000 and a good majority
> are more than 10,000 cable feet from the CO.

> This means that average DSL speeds are sub-T1.

FWIW, I'm at 14-15 kilofeet from the CO, and am getting a solid 7Mb/s down and 512kb/s up.  The ISP has three tiers of DSL, and I'm at the lowest (which is probably the one that will work at my distance).  They also provide a 9M down / 768k up, and a 11M down / 1M up for slightly higher rates.  I'm told that the 11 down/1 up will work up to 12 kilofeet by their engineering. 

I'm running a secondary administrative DSL at my employer's location at the full 7/.5 rate at a distance of nearly 18 kilofeet, the last 2 kilofeet being our inside plant of CAT3 CALPETH.  That is on a Cisco ADSL WIC in a 2651; show dsl interface atm0/0 shows a downstream rate of 6.8Mb/s and an upstream of 640kb/s.  Not bad for the distance.  Margins are good on both directions, being 12dB upstream and 8.5dB downstream.

My experience is that the downstream is mildy oversubscribed, and the upstream less so.

Their copper in my area is nearly new, they have spent the last five years or so refreshing and updating their copper outside plant.  

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