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> On 17/12/10 4:54 AM, Carlos Martinez-Cagnazzo wrote:
> > I do believe that video over the Internet is about to change the
> > cable business in a very deep and possibly traumatic way.
> +1
> It's clear that this is a major driving factor in the Comcast/L3/Netflix
> peering/transit issue. Comcast is obviously looking for ways to fill
> the looming hole in their revenue chart as consumers turn off Cable
> and get their TV/video entertainment delivered via the internet.

The more I look at this, the more it looks like "pharmaceuticals bought
from Canada are cheaper than ones purchased in America -- and they will be 
*just as long* as only a minority of Americans buy them there.  As soon as
*everyone* in America is buying their drugs cross-border, the prices will
go right back up to what they were paying here."

This is what's gonna happen with Comcast, too; if their customers drop
CATV, then they're going to have to raise their prices -- and the cable 
networks themselves will have *no* way to collect revenue; the cable
systems being their collection agent network.

This Can't End Well.

-- jra

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