Lightly used IP addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Aug 15 20:06:15 UTC 2010

>> the bottom line is, changes you like and can justify to yourself with
>> lots of glib words can be made without process.  changes you don't
>> like have to go through the policy gauntlet.
> ...
> Changes to ARIN's fees, services, and agreements are done after
> consultation to the ARIN Board, and often go through the ACSP
> consultation process or are discussed at one of the meetings.
> Suggestions are also welcomed as per above, just as I asked Mr. Herrin
> to do earlier regarding the LRSA.

as a reader of this thread with any memory can clearly see, when i asked
about a change to the lrsa (with which you clearly disagree), i was told
to submit a suggestion and to go through the policy process.

when you want a change to the same agreement, whammy, it can magically
be done with a quick internal process.



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