Lightly used IP addresses

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Sat Aug 14 13:04:53 UTC 2010

Watching people snark on mailing lists is occasionally entertaining.  Watching them snark on the wrong mailing lists is usually less entertaining.  Watching them snark on the wrong mailing list for 100+ posts when the things they are snarking about were voted on by themselves is getting a little silly.

Watching them snark about the people they are snarking -to- trying to get them to participate in the process they are snarking -about- is pathetic.

If you don't like the way ARIN does things, change them.  I don't like people going to the IETF and trying to get the IETF to do things the operators should be doing.  I talked to the AC & BoD members before I voted, and none of them mentioned this to me.  I feel like snarking about that is valid, since I put in time & effort, but was still caught by surprise.  But instead of snarking, I'm working to change that.

How much time & effort was spent (wasted?) reading mailing lists that could have been used to put forth proposals to ARIN (or the other RIRs)?  Which is more likely to get what you want?

Oh, and about ARIN wasting money: Do you really think a 10% or even 50% reduction in ARIN fees will make -any- difference to the companies paying those fees?  OTOH, I do believe a 50% reduction in ARIN fees will result in far less outreach, which means less community participation, which I feel is suboptimal.  If you disagree, propose a change, get me & people who feel as I do outvoted, and things will change.  What's more, I will not snark about the fact I got outvoted on NANOG.

Or you can post to NANOG and see nothing change.  Up to you.


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