Lightly used IP addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Aug 14 03:32:06 UTC 2010

> If the allocation and reassignment of address space has no policy
> associated with it, then there's no doubt that most of the registry
> functions can be automated, and there's no need for the associated
> policy development process, public policy meetings, travel, conference
> calls.  Quite a bit of savings available there, but the community
> first has to decide on permanent policy (or lack thereof :-) for that
> automated world before we can reap the savings.

when the 'community' is defined as those policy wannabes who do the
flying, take the cruise junkets, ... this is a self-perpetuating
steaming load that is not gonna change.

one start would be for arin to have the guts not to pay travel expenses
of non-employees/contractors.


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