Lightly used IP addresses

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Aug 14 02:55:42 UTC 2010

> John - you do not get it...

vadim, i assure you curran gets it.  he has been around as long as you
and i.  the problem is that he has become a fiduciary of an organization
which sees its survival and growth as its principal goal, free business
class travel for wannabe policy wonks as secondary, and and the well-
being of the internet as tertiary.  they're just another itu, except the
clothing expenses are lower and the decision making process pretends to
be more open, but isn't.

and the drying up of the free source of integers which they lease to us
for hefty fees is pretty scary to these organizations.  and, as they
were kinda forced to give out /32s in ipv6 space or be seen to be
inhibiting the deployment of ipv6, a lot of folk will not be coming back
for more v6 for a loooong while.

so the rirs are desperately seeking means whereby they can suck more
blood from the industry.  and the industry blood is getting thinner and
thinner, with the telcos redirecting their margin destroying talents
from voice to data.

how much should we be forced to pay for leasing integers that came for
free?  how much is the actual registry work (whois and in-addr) worth
and why does a larger prefix cost more?  the registry financial scam has
never been adjusted for reality.

and why in hell would i trust these organizations with any control of
my routing via rpki certification?  they have always said thay would
never be involved in routing, but if they control the certification
chain, they have a direct stranglehold they can use to extort fees.

when the registry work was re-competed and taken from sri to netsol (i
think it was called that at the time), rick adams [0] put in a no cost
bid to do it all with automated scripts.  hindsight tells me we should
have supported that much more strongly.  and folk who think that would
not have scaled, need to know that the netsol lowball solution was mark
and scott in a basement with a sun3 and a 56k line.

if the iana could get out from under lawyers and domainer greed, and go
back to simply being bookkeeper for the internet, they could do the
automated solution today.  well, with some months of setup.  and we
could get rid of 95% of the costs the rirs are sucking from our thinning
bloodstreams.  or a gutsy rir could lead the way.  fat chance.



[0] - for the n00bs, rick founded uunet but took his winnings and got
      out before the real slime got in.

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