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Fri Aug 13 22:03:38 UTC 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 09:39:42PM +0000, bmanning at said:

  >	Thanks for this John. My hope is that folks will try and
  >	avoid using the courts as the arbitor in the event of 
  >	dispute over right to use.  

Civil courts is one thing - criminal courts for fraudulent use might pack a
bit more punch. Not sure if anyone wants to go down that road - once that
happens I can see the levels of govt funding these courts wanting more control
of the community if they're going to be footing the bill for policing it. I'm
not a fan of 'series-of-tubes' types getting more involved in this, much less
of it coming under the aegis of the 'cyberwar command centre'-or-whatever-it's-
called ridiculousness that I'm sure would quickly be suggested. (Remember when
simple hacking and phreaking suddenly became "terr'ism"? Namespace/terminology
is everything in politics.)

Something needs doing though - we personally were once the victims of another
org we had a dispute with announcing our prefixes to AS701 through some
legacy LOA for our block and nullrouting all incoming traffic. Not much we
could do but whine and bleat at whoever would listen (was > 12 years ago, we
didnt know about nanog in our clubie state at the time...). Calling 701 and
asking them to shut it down was met with "we'd have to ask our superiors" and
what not, and never resulted in anything. We even contacted the RCMP here in
Canada, who were less clued than even we were. The offender eventually stopped
24-30 hours later and ultimately went unpunished.  Can't even think of what
the solution today would be other than posting to Nanog-l and bleating some
more. Ideas?

Without an officially sanctioned and seriously-operated 'policing' arm by
and for the community, the community and individual members will remain victims
of malicious activity of this nature. This does cover delinquent use for non-payment
as well, all the way up to spammer and other criminal activity.

Are there any BGP-related protocols that can be leveraged to provide this action,
but are also resistant to tampering/exploit? (Im sure "yes" with a big "it's

I don't know what to suggest, but perhaps a more binding set of policies for
ARIN members to engage in policing/responding to shutdown requests on the
community's behalf and some penalties for not upholding agreements is in

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