Lightly used IP addresses

Dan White dwhite at
Fri Aug 13 21:18:01 UTC 2010

On 13/08/10 21:04 -0000, John Levine wrote:
>>I've tried to deal with that a few times - mainly by writing up the
>>first upstream AS.  Usually they don't care (and every time I have
>>noticed someone blatantly stealing space, it's been spammers).
>Has there ever been a case where ARIN has tried to take a block back
>from a party to whom they had allocated it and doesn't want to give it
>back?  My impression is that stolen space is all swamp or legacy or
>abandoned, but I really don't know.
>In case it's not obvious, I'm not advocating that people thumb their
>noses at ARIN, but I don't see any obvious way to avoid my scenario.

Make a public example of the situation. Assign such a block to an ARIN
member with extensive legal resources who's willing to send some nasty
letters out, and back it up with court action to establish legal

Or ARIN could do so itself on the grounds of breach of contract.

Of course, said block should clearly fall within ARIN's domain, backed up
with a signed contract from the original party. 

Dan White

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