Example RFI for colo provider selection

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Subject: Example RFI for colo provider selection Date: Mon, Aug 09, 2010 at 08:48:15PM -0400 Quoting Jason Lixfeld (jason at lixfeld.ca):
> I'm researching a list of some colocation providers I have here to find the most suitable one to provide services for a project I'm working on.  My thought is to send out an informal RFI, which I believe is something others may have done too.  If anyone is able to share, I'd be interested in having a peek at some of these colo-centric RFIs to understand what questions others have asked in the past, as it may help me come up with some questions that I may not have thought of myself.

* Most overlooked: Does the backup power system cope with the cooling power requirements? 

* Several fiber providers connecting the facility, or one heavily multi-pathed. 

* If you intend to buy transit, number of (and perhaps prefered) transit providers.

* If you intend to make your own IP-infrastructure, which transmission providers are present? 

* Space to grow, price. (ie. where do I leave the underpriced
  introductory offer and go into more expensive list-price setups)

* Power, as previously mentioned. Three-phase is IMNSHO a must. But,
  then, I'm from Yoorp.

  In power, several subtopics:

  - Dual circuits, independently UPS-backed. 

  - Generator backup. 

  - Frequency of full-scale and load tests of power backup systems.
  Anything less than load test several times per year and at least one
  full-scale axe-in-mains-feeder -type test per year means that the
  "Diesel promise" is a lie.

  - They should have monitoring and trend watching systems set up to
  stop accepting new customers once any UPS is at 50% of rated load
  (What happens when one UPS side commits seppuku and fails to bypass?)

  - Power protection systems, for overvoltage, spikes, thunderstorms, etc. 

More could be added and has been. My 0,05 €, this.
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