Router for Metro Ethernet

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a PowerRouter at can handle several
hundred meg without issues.  

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Before I get taken for a ride by salespeople, I figured it would be best
ask the experts of Nanog....

My company is currently in talks to bring an ethernet circuit into our
headquarters, initially committing around 40Mbps.  The ISP will be
ethernet handoff, but I do not want their managed router offering
4430) since it is pricey, non-redundant and I'd rather manage it myself.
question is about hardware.  Can I assume that I can use something like
Cisco 2000 series router with two built in fast/gig ethernet ports,
a WIC?  and since both sides are ethernet would the routing throughput
near fast ethernet speed?  This is my first dealing with metro ethernet
offerings, and I don't want to assume that the Cisco throughput rates
for T1/ADSL etc. are the same for a metro ethernet as the WAN.

Any and all suggestions on the hardware would be greatly appreciated.
you in advance!

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