ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

Curtis Maurand cmaurand at
Fri Apr 9 13:14:43 CDT 2010

On 4/9/2010 1:43 PM, William Herrin wrote:
>> No, ARIN is not a regulator.  Regulators have guns or access to 
>> people with
>> guns to enforce the regulations that they enact. ARIN has no such power.
>> The FCC is a regulator.  The California PUC is a regulator. ARIN is not
>> a regulator.
> Last I heard, the FCC has access to people with law degrees not guns.
> Much like ARIN, really.
ARIN can act by de-allocating your network and revoking your ASN's.  
They can't fine you, but if you violate the RSA, they can revoke your 
stuff.  That seems regulatory to me.


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