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> In article <207E4E4F-B642-424E-8649-810A589DA54B at delong.com>, Owen 
> DeLong <owen at delong.com> writes
> >I believe the IPv4 classful addressing scheme (which some have pointed 
> >out was the second IPv4 addressing scheme, I wasn't involved early 
> >enough for the first, so didn't remember it) predates commodore, apple, 
> >etc.
> On a historical note, if Classful Addressing is deemed to date from 
> rfc792 (1981) [but I'd be grateful for other nominations of a suitable 
> alternate date] then that post-dates the Commodore PET and Apple II 
> which were both launched in 1977.

If you wanted to consider the "high 8 bits = network, low 24 bits = host"
model as being classful addressing, then that predates.  I concede this
is a bit dodgy.

> Some sources claim the PET is later, but I remember it because I was 
> doing a project on "PCs in Schools" in the spring of 1977, using an 
> 8-bit PC that I had built myself on a patchboard. And the PET arrived 
> just in time for me to be able say to "I'm not completely insane - a 
> viable PC you could install in a school is now commercially available".

Your memory seems to be in error; the PET was created for the June 1977
CES, and wasn't shipped to customers until at least later that year.  It
seems very likely that you received your PET in the spring of 1978.

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