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In article <207E4E4F-B642-424E-8649-810A589DA54B at delong.com>, Owen 
DeLong <owen at delong.com> writes
>I believe the IPv4 classful addressing scheme (which some have pointed 
>out was the second IPv4 addressing scheme, I wasn't involved early 
>enough for the first, so didn't remember it) predates commodore, apple, 

On a historical note, if Classful Addressing is deemed to date from 
rfc792 (1981) [but I'd be grateful for other nominations of a suitable 
alternate date] then that post-dates the Commodore PET and Apple II 
which were both launched in 1977.

Some sources claim the PET is later, but I remember it because I was 
doing a project on "PCs in Schools" in the spring of 1977, using an 
8-bit PC that I had built myself on a patchboard. And the PET arrived 
just in time for me to be able say to "I'm not completely insane - a 
viable PC you could install in a school is now commercially available".
Roland Perry

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