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Jim Burwell jimb at jsbc.cc
Sat Apr 3 02:11:24 CDT 2010

On 4/2/2010 21:23, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Anyway, I see it as pretty much moot, since many major players (Comcast,
>> Google, etc) are in the midst of major IPv6 deployments as we speak. 
>> Eventually you will have to jump on the bandwagon too.  :-)
> clue0: the isp for which i work deployed ipv6 in the '90s.  we were the
>        world's first commercial ipv6 isp deployment.
<golf clap>
> clue1: not only can i do the math, but i can remember history
Heh.  I didn't really doubt that you understood the math.  Was just
being a bit snarky.  :p  (this whole thread is sort of flame bait anyway

Anyway, with just 2000::/3 alone, there's about 500 million /32s. 
According to the CIDR report, there's ~34,000 ASs in BGP right now. 
Lets double that "for future growth" just for fun.  If we do that, it
means if we divided those /32s evenly among all of those ASes, each
would get about 7800 of them.  Each one contains 64Ki /48s.  And again,
that's just one /3 of the entire v6 space (yeah I know they won't be
divided evenly ... different sizes orgs, regional assignments, etc, etc,

Anyway, I think the addy space will tide us over for quite a while, even
if it's "not enough" as your last post seemed to indicate.  Hey, and if
we ever do run out, we can just NAT!  ;) ;) ;)


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