fight club :) richard bennett vs various nanogers, on paid peering

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at
Wed Nov 25 10:24:17 UTC 2009

Richard Bennett wrote:
>    Speculation about how the money flows is a worthwhile activity.

Sure, no problem.

> --
> Richard Bennett
> Research Fellow
> Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
> Washington, DC
In summary, Mr Bennett is an unregistered lobbyist, employed by other
registered lobbyists.

It's really a waste of time to engage him, as it's his full-time job to
write his screed.  We have neither the time nor manpower.

   "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary
   depends upon his not understanding it!" -- Upton Sinclair (1935)

He claims to have been involved in IEEE Wi-Fi for 15 years.  Meaning he's
one of those responsible for the bad security (WEP, etc.), and the
stagnation of ad hoc networking -- because the industry has a centralized
solution they want to sell, customer be damned.

His bio also says he was vice-chair for the hub standard, so prevented
jumbo frames from being formally adopted -- again, customer be damned.

Now, he works for a "think tank" called "Information Technology &
Innovation Foundation".  Basically, he goes to conferences.  He's not
responsible for operating any networks or doing any actual engineering.

ITIF doesn't give out information about its funding, which usually means
it's industry lobbyist funded.  Apparently in this case, big cable and
probably big telco.

They're opposed to net neutrality, and (based on his comments and several
of the papers) still think the Internet is some kind of bastard child that
needs adult supervision in the middle -- by which they mean themselves
/in loco parentis/.

Looking at the board, it's populated by ultra-conservative wing-nut
Republicans, and some Conservadems (as we call them in political circles,
they call themselves "centrists") from the "New Democrat Caucus" for
"bi-partisan" cover.  And lots of lobbyists -- Federal lobbyists -- who
seem to list their educational clients on their bio, but not whether
they are also employed by a firm that represents other clients....

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