fight club :) richard bennett vs various nanogers, on paid peering

Richard Bennett richard at
Wed Nov 25 11:32:02 UTC 2009

Now you've descended from Steenbergen's hair-splitting between "on-net 
routes" (the mechanism) vs. "on-net access" (the actual product) into 
Simpson's straight-up lying. ITIF is not opposed to network neutrality 
in principle, having released a paper on "A Third Way on Network 
Neutrality", There is not a single 
ultra-conservative on the ITIF board, they're all either moderate 
Democrats or moderate Republicans.

I'm letting most of this childish venting slide, but I will point out 
the bald-faced lies.


William Allen Simpson wrote:
> They're opposed to net neutrality, and (based on his comments and several
> of the papers) still think the Internet is some kind of bastard child 
> that
> needs adult supervision in the middle -- by which they mean themselves
> /in loco parentis/.
> Looking at the board, it's populated by ultra-conservative wing-nut
> Republicans, and some Conservadems (as we call them in political circles,
> they call themselves "centrists") from the "New Democrat Caucus" for
> "bi-partisan" cover.  And lots of lobbyists -- Federal lobbyists -- who
> seem to list their educational clients on their bio, but not whether
> they are also employed by a firm that represents other clients....

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