BGP Peer Selection Considerations

Steve Bertrand steve at
Tue Nov 10 02:43:48 UTC 2009

adel at wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone that replied to my post on failover configuration.  This has lead me to this post.  I'm at a point now where I'm looking at dual-homing with two BGP peers upstream.  Now what I am looking at doing is as follows:
> BGP Peer with Provider A who is multihomed to other providers.
> BGP Peer with Provider B who is not peered with provider A
> I have an existing relationship with provider A, colo, cross connects etc.  Provider A has offered to get the PI space, ASN number, purchase the transit for us with provider B and manage cross connects to provider B 

...I've likely missed something, but get the IP/ASN for yourself.

*ensure* that A & B will peer and provide transit for you.

> (they say they have a diverse "fibre backhaul network").  This is quite attractive from a support and billing perspective.

...until you find out that the backhaul network is owned by Provider B,
or virtualized within an existing circuit to someplace else.

> Also suspect that provider A will be able to get more attractive pricing from Provider B than I would be able to.

But at what cost?

> Am I missing things that I need to consider?

I think so. Long-term survival for one.

If you are budgeted for a diverse and redundant network, then I
recommend that you ensure one. My current understanding is that you can
negotiate terms with potential providers where there is competition.

Don't allow any of your ISPs to manage/dictate the use of your address
space. It will bite you, and cause undue frustration.


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