Failover how much complexity will it add?

adel at adel at
Mon Nov 9 11:32:41 UTC 2009

Looking at two 100Mbit/s BGP connections, so I think I want something that will do more than 100 but nowhere close to a gig.  So full routing table capability
with throughput of mixed traffic around 200Mbit/s.  If that makes sense.  Do the 2850s fall into that sort of price point?


On Mon  11:13 AM , Joe Abley <jabley at> wrote:

> On 2009-11-09, at 19:53, adel at wrote:
> > You will laugh, but the budget at the moment looks like £13k. 
> > Impossible? Do only linux and openbsd solutions remain in the mix 
> > for this pittance?
> I don't see an indication of the traffic you need to push (maybe I 
> deleted a message too enthusiastically) but check the 2800 series from 
> cisco. The 2850 will take full tables and has gigabit interfaces, but 
> don't expect them to do wire speed. Other 2800s suffer from reduced 
> RAM, but perhaps you don't need full tables.
> Also look at Juniper J-series boxes, and maybe Force10 S-series boxes.
> There's a healthy market in used cisco gear in most places I have ever 
> visited, if you don't need new.
> Joe

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