small site multi-homing (related to: Small guys with BGP issues)

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> On Tue, 03 Nov 2009 08:11:15 PST, Mike said:
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> >     Small-site multi-homing is one of the great inequities of the 
> > Internet and one that can, and should, be solved. I envision an Internet 
> > of the future where anyone with any mixture of any type of network 
> > connections can achieve, automatically, provider independence and 
> > inbound/outbound load sharing across disparate links.
> 400 million Joe Sixpacks and their counterparts around the globe, all wanting
> to run BGPto multihome the /29 in their basement.
> Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

With a protocol to distribute which prefixes (with weighting) are
viable, a end node could just select a appropritate source address
out of several provider assigned ones and use source address routing
to find a appropropiate exit path which doesn't break BCP 38.  This
is as good as the NAT solutions for small-site multi-homing today.

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