New Class C's just lit on on AT&T, Email Marketing

John Peach john-nanog at
Tue Nov 3 20:29:54 UTC 2009

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009 12:10:43 -0800
"Aaron L. Meehan" <aaron at> wrote:

> I don't think AT&T cares, since I complained about a massive snowshoe
> spamming campaign a couple of months ago--no action taken it
> seems--and they have netblocks all over the place there.  A bunch of
> customers were calling me since their junk was being scored low by
> spamassassin and ending up in inboxes.  Blah!  I've seen spam from 
> each one of their blocks at at&t.
> 99.155.208-209
> 99.51.80-81
> 99.170.198-199
> 99.16.32-39
>                   REJECT                   REJECT                 REJECT                 REJECT

will do nicely, thank-you.


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