Upstream BGP community support

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Nov 2 10:19:32 UTC 2009

>>> i would rather earn it by designing things, not by cleaning up messes
>>> made by kiddies needing to show off.
> For those who try their best, given your comment, what in the fsck is
> one to do?

[ i prefer to speak in the first person, not tell you what you should
  do. ]

i try to use as few tricks, knobs, and clever things as possible and
still get my job done.  i try to be extremely conscious of, and minimal,
when what i am doing effects or is visible to my neighbors and/or the
global net.  

i try to complicate the internals of my network as little as possible,
after all, complexity == opex and i value my time, it is a non-renewable

i prefer to be seen as an old and lazy minimalist, not a clever person.
clever was a pejorative where/when i was brought up.


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