Peering in Latin America

Sun Nov 1 06:37:48 UTC 2009


  Please contact the following persons:

  For RACSA:  Luis Kopper (kopper at
  For ICE:        Oscar Romero (oromero at

Luis and Oscar understand BGP and others terms about SP.


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De: Ken Gilmour <ken.gilmour at>
Fecha: Sábado, 31 de Octubre de 2009, 9:33 pm
Asunto: Peering in Latin America
A: nanog at

> Hi There,
> I am looking for carriers who offer peering in Latin America
> (Specifically Costa Rica). So far the only carrier in Costa Rica 
> who I
> have been able to find that does this is ADN (American Data Networks,
> While they are already on my list for a quote, we need
> at least one other diverse connection, so I would appreciate if anyone
> else would be able to help me find other carriers who operate here?
> Here's who i've contacted so far:
> RACSA - Can't get past 1st level support (they don't know what 
> BGP is)
> ICE - Tried contacting a person who's address I was previously given
> from NANOG to no avail
> Global Crossing - Said they contacted an engineer who would get back
> to me, mailed them 4 times since to no avail (no bounced emails
> either).
> Level 3 - Apparently don't operate in Latin America
> AT&T - Want us to have a minimum of 3 locations in the US to 
> peer with first
> So far ADN are the only carrier who have actually been of any help.
> Quick Googling for "BGP Peering Latin America" and "BGP Peering Costa
> Rica" and several variations thereof is not yielding any fruitful
> results.
> Thanks and regards,
> Ken

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