Anomalies with AS13214 ?

Robert D. Scott robert at
Mon May 11 11:46:01 CDT 2009

It looks like Cyclops is seeing these from AS 48285, but I see no indication
they are being advertised to any production upstream provider. Our /16 is
being alerted in Cyclops, but I can not find any advert on any looking

>From Cyclops:
BGP protocol Time (UTC) W/A/B Peer IP Peer ASN Prefix AS_PATH Origin
NEXT_HOP LOCAL_PREF MED Community Atomic Agg Aggregator 
BGP4MP 1242044196 A 48285 48285 13214 INCOMPLETE 0 0  NAG  

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Seeing the same issues with AS13214 and no corresponding drop in  
traffic, route views doesn't show any rogue adverts for out prefixes  


On May 11, 2009, at 9:01 AM, Vincent Hoffman wrote:

> On 11/5/09 16:30, Jay Hennigan wrote:
>> We're getting cyclops[1] alerts that AS13214 is advertising itself as
>> origin for all of our prefixes.  Their anomaly report shows thousands
>> of prefixes originating there.
>> Anyone else seeing evidence of this or being affected?
>> [1]
> I'm seeing alerts for AS13214 advertising our prefixes from
> cyclops also.  However a quick look at a few looking glasses and route
> servers doesnt seem to show any rogue advertisments, and we havent see
> any drop in traffic as yet.
> Vince
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