Anomalies with AS13214 ?

Jay Hennigan jay at
Mon May 11 11:55:28 CDT 2009

Robert D. Scott wrote:
> It looks like Cyclops is seeing these from AS 48285, but I see no indication
> they are being advertised to any production upstream provider. Our /16 is
> being alerted in Cyclops, but I can not find any advert on any looking
> glass.

That's what I'm seeing as well.  It's possible that 13214 is broken but 
not causing an issue except to their customers.  Or 48285 is broken or 
just giving bad data to Cyclops.  Cyclops has hundreds of monitors and 
this is the only one showing the issue.  I suspect that if there's a 
real problem it isn't affecting anyone other than 48285 and maybe 13214.

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