Where to buy Internet IP addresses

Charles Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Tue May 5 12:28:25 CDT 2009

> ([*] according to the wiki, firewire and zigbee are the only things 
> using EUI-64.  I don't know of anyone using firewire as a network 
> backbone.  (obviously, not that you care.)  Zigbee is relatively new and 
> similar to bluetooth; will people use them as a NIC or connect little 
> zigbee gadgets to the internet -- well, there are coffee makers, vending 
> machines, and christmas lights on the internet, so as a novelty, 
> certainly. How many bluetooth devices are running IP over bluetooth?  
> That said, I could see PAN meshes (personal area networks) eating a huge 
> number of addresses, but /64???)

Utility companies utilize Zigbee pretty extensively. So that's millions 
and millions of addresses right there.

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