Where to buy Internet IP addresses

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Wed May 6 18:54:10 CDT 2009

>> FWIW - WinXP uses 24hours/change_in_prefix/reboot as the default
>> criteria for new Privacy IID creation, is that not aggressive enough?
>I define that as "not aggressive". (I've seen ISPs rotate addresses (DHCP)
>faster than that.)

Fair enough, but IMHO it is aggressive enough to accomplish the design goal.

>> 	I'd be curious to know what makes it "awful" IYO, I use it daily and
>> have few complaints ... ?
>Where's the GUI for dealing with it?  It's Windows(tm) after all.

Gotchya, sure some GUI would be nice ... but "netsh inter ipv6 install" +
SLAAC (+IPv4 DHCP) isn't too bad :)

>And it brings along a few other things we didn't ask for... a Toredo(?)
>interface, for one.

6to4, ISATAP and Teredo all come along for the ride.  While they may not
have been asked for, the catch there is to make it easier for us poor users
during this "transition" period ("transition in scary quotes because that is
a terrible name ... much better : integration / co-existence).

>But yes, it is functional.  It'll get you to the small assortment of ipv6
>websites around.
>> (I think the bigger / better complaint against WinXP is the lack of
>> IPv6-transport support for DNS ... and perhaps the lack of DHCPv6
>> client functionality as well)
>Yes, but those things require more than just an IPv6 stack.  Service
>have to be changed to handle DNSv6 and DHCPv6.

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