WISP NMS recommendations

Patrick Shoemaker shoemakerp at vectordatasystems.com
Thu Jun 18 13:21:56 UTC 2009

Although this would probably be better suited for one of the WISPA 
lists, I'll respond here anyhow since there seems to be some interest.

For managing Canopy elements, Motorola Prizm is probably the way to go. 
First of all, you'll need it to handle element authentication for your 
PtMP system. It will also do configuration management, alerting, and all 
the usual NMS stuff. It's also *possible* to get it to work with other 
SNMP capable devices if you want to manage other vendors' equipment. It 
will work out of the box with the Canopy PtMP line, PtP devices, 
powerline carrier devices, and (I think) the MotoMESH line. It gives you 
all the info you need at a glance for each element: configuration 
history, RF power level plots, bandwidth utilization plots, alert 
history, etc.

FYI if you haven't used it, Prizm is a pretty clunky and slow Java-based 
package. The features are nice, but configuring it can be a chore.

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> Subject: WISP NMS recommendations
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> Hi Folks,I am looking for recommendations on an NMS system for use in
> managing a multivendor wireless infrastructure. Specifically we run mostly
> Motorola point to point, point to multipoint(Canopy platform) and mesh
> radios devices We have looked at the One Point Wireless Manager but this
> product in our evaluation doesn't seem to be ready for prime time and also
> has the limitation of only being able to manage Motorola. Ideally we would
> have something that could be used for configuration management in a multi
> vendor environment as well as recieve SNMP traps about RF issues such as
> latency and jitter. I am curious to what other shops are using out there. If
> this is a top better suited to another list, my apologies and any pointers
> to a different list would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> JT

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