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Hi Justin,

     Just FYI - Global Crossing can currently deliver dual stack/native v6
transit in downtown KC,MO. You can either colo with them at 1100 Main St, or
possibly have them haul a wave to one of the other major downtown carrier
hotels they have strands running through / into (1102 Grand/Bryant and 324
E. 11th St/Oak Towers come to mind, not to mention Level3's suite in 1100
Walnut right across the street).

Kevin Hodle

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 8:13 AM, Justin Shore <justin at>wrote:

> John van Oppen wrote:
>> NTT (2914) and GBLX (3549) both do native v6...  most everyone else on
>> the tier1 list does tunnels.  :(
>> There are some nice tier2 networks who do native v6, tiscali and
>> come to mind.
> Let me rephrase that. :-)  I know of no tier-Ns that offer any native v6
> services here in the Midwest (central Kansas) including L3 which only has a
> best effort pilot program using tunnels.  There might be more options in KC
> or OKC but not here that I'm aware of...
> Justin

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