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> I'm in search of some information about Cogent, it's past, present and
> future.  I've heard bits and pieces about Cogent's past over the years but
> by no means have I actively been keeping up.

I had a very positive interaction with the Cogent folks in Europe FWIW. It
was seeded by their US colleagues and everyone worked closely to try and
make things work operationally and economically. That signaled to me that
they have some cohesiveness internally which I found to be a big plus*.

At worst, allowing Cogent to seriously compete for your business can help
you reduce your costs elsewhere if you are smart about it. At best, you
could cut your costs and maintain the reliability that you are seeking with
some strategic mitigation. Others may have different suggestions. YMMV.



* Not an endorsement, just an opinion.

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