Coax wiring. MoCA between neighbors.

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AFAIR, you can configure the MoCA adapters to a certain unique ID, not
unlike garage door openers.  In single-home settings there's usually enough
cable loss that sharing is not a problem, but in an apartment complex, you
may want to consider making sure there is a return trap on your cable so
that only a select range of frequencies (the ones that your STB and cable
modem use) can pass thru, and the higher range the MoCA uses does not.


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Hi All,
I'm trying to find out  how coax cables are wired in a residential area 
to each house. I found out that "drop amp" amplifies the signal just out 
side the building, and a few neighbors share the drop amp (basically a 
powered splitter). What other devices are there?
I'm also trying to find out whether my neighbors would be able to 
overhear the MoCA signal from my apartment.  Anyone knows the answer?

For example, my apartment building has a cabinet that concentrates all 
coax cables from all units, and the 2~4 coax cables are attached to a 
device in the cabinet. I'm assuming it is a drop amp and I think MoCa 
signals can travel across the drop amp. Is my guess correct?

Any comments on coax cable wiring between houses or apartments and MoCA 
technology  would be very useful.

Thank you,

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