Coax wiring. MoCA between neighbors.

Dongsu Han dongsu.han at
Wed Jun 10 20:35:36 UTC 2009

 Thank you. Very interesting story and useful info.
 I'm also curious about the signal generated from customers from MoCA 
(multimedia over coax) devices. How many neighbors would be sharing the 
same coax medium?
 Does anybody have a guess? I'm guessing neighbors that are connected by 
the same drop amp would essentially be on the same wire. I would really 
appreciate any info.

 Thank you.

Justin Horstman wrote:
> I recall an Article that talked about this and found it quickly...
> has some links and info you might find useful
> ~J
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>> I'm also trying to find out whether my neighbors would be able to  
>> overhear the MoCA signal from my apartment.  Anyone knows the answer?
> I can't speak to what they are *supposed* to do, but my experience is  
> that things can be overheard. Last summer I discovered that my Comcast  
> cable had two premium digital channels I hadn't ordered. One was  
> showing soft porn, and while I was sitting there pondering this, it  
> began to fast forward. Not surprisingly, it was fast forwarding over  
> the boring parts and then watching the naughty bits at normal speed. I  
> can only assume that one of the neighboring houses has video-on-demand.

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