Coax wiring. MoCA between neighbors.

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Wed Jun 10 20:16:36 UTC 2009

I recall an Article that talked about this and found it quickly...

has some links and info you might find useful


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> I'm also trying to find out whether my neighbors would be able to  
> overhear the MoCA signal from my apartment.  Anyone knows the answer?

I can't speak to what they are *supposed* to do, but my experience is  
that things can be overheard. Last summer I discovered that my Comcast  
cable had two premium digital channels I hadn't ordered. One was  
showing soft porn, and while I was sitting there pondering this, it  
began to fast forward. Not surprisingly, it was fast forwarding over  
the boring parts and then watching the naughty bits at normal speed. I  
can only assume that one of the neighboring houses has video-on-demand.

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