Outages in wales ?

Rob Evans internetplumber at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 20:47:37 UTC 2009

> but a buddy in wales have massive problems with internet connectivity

For those that don't know, Wales is a relatively small constituent
country of the United Kingdom (size-wise, it is 'about the size of


Small as it is, it has a number of different internet providers using
ADSL, cable, leased lines and DWDM.  For it to be on NANOG, I assume
there is reason to believe the outage is widespread and your buddy has
already contacted their Internet Service Provider?  For what is is
worth, I'm not seeing any outages to the academic sites in Wales.

Or maybe there has been a bit of storm which has blown it 3,500 miles
to the west.  If it has, please look after it, especially mid-Wales
and North Wales, they really are quite beautiful. :)

Best regards,

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