AT&T and having two BGP peers

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Fri Jul 10 18:56:20 UTC 2009

That is crazy.... when we turn up new BGP customers, we always put a /29 in place now - for that reason and for others.... saves a LOT of headaches when some changes are needed down the road...;)


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Cancel the circuit...I know most of the providers I've worked with have 
a 90 satisfaction guarantee. Chances are if you cancel the circuit they 
will mysteriously find a way to work with you.

Warren Bailey wrote:
> Threaten to twitter about it. Worked for the guy on myth busters.. ;)
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> We are getting an Ethernet DIA circuit from AT&T but they insist that
> they can't BGP peer with 2 routers on our side.  The WAN circuit can
> only have /30 they say.  Has anyone been able to successfully talk
> them in to bending their rule?  If so, how?
> I know this should have been negotiated before signing a contract but
> I was unfortunately not in the loop... :(
> It seems like a ridiculous bureaucratic restriction.



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