AT&T and having two BGP peers

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Att is hard to deal with I ran into a situation not long ago where I
needed to get a t1 cross connect from one cage to another within a
building.  They consider floor 3 a CO and floor 7 a different CO.  both
floors share the same wiring frame room like on the 5th floor.  Well
they wouldn't allow me to order a cross connect between the 2 floors
without having actual cage space on the specific floor even tho they are
in the same wiring frame room.  On top of that if I wanted to be on the
other floor I would have to come in via the outside entrance and do meet
point fibers out in the st.  btw this is on the telco side what a


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If it is the way AT&T have designed their product, there may be no other
way around.

>From AT&T's viewpoint, it will add more complexity to troubleshoot.

If you pay extra, AT&T may have some solution for you.


Antonio Querubin wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Jul 2009, Jay Nakamura wrote:
>> We are getting an Ethernet DIA circuit from AT&T but they insist that
>> they can't BGP peer with 2 routers on our side. The WAN circuit can
>> only have /30 they say. Has anyone been able to successfully talk
>> them in to bending their rule? If so, how?
> Sounds odd. They do IPv6 tunnels using 2 tunnels/routers. The /30
> reason is even more odd for an ethernet circuit.
> Antonio Querubin
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