Point to Point Ethernet

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It should be noted that this usually isn't recommened. Dropping an
ethernet circuit directly into a switch (even if it is laywer 3) can
create design issues, esecially later when you need to scale the
network. One big issue that is often overlooked is many swithces do not
support traffic shaping. Some support policing, but shaping can be far
more efficient. There are some nortel switches that do this, but I
haven't seen many in the wild.

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Once upon a time, Ricky Beam <jfbeam at gmail.com> said:
> Ethernet is cheap because it's everywhere, and built into almost 
> everything. (however, the likes of Cisco and Juniper still charge 
> insane amounts for line cards, be they ethernet, T1, or OC48.) Given 
> the choice of buying a $4k DS3 card or just plugging into an existing,

> builtin ethernet port, which do you think most people will choose?

Also, if you are plugging in a lower-speed link, you can plug ethernet
in a <$1000 switch and trunk it to a router, while a mux for T1/T3/OCx
circuits costs a lot more.

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