Level 3 - "legacy" Wiltel/Looking Glass bandwidth

Jason LeBlanc jml at packetpimp.org
Thu Jul 2 14:57:06 UTC 2009

We're not very happy with Level3 anymore either, terrible support, no 
RFO is ever given, tickets are closed with no explanation at all.  They 
bought so many providers close together that they have a lot of work to 
do to integrate everything into a workable set of products.

George Carey wrote:
> As a Level 3 customer who had connectivity to some legacy Wiltel 
> equipment I can also attest that service levels were pretty bad 
> following that merger. We had a few memorable outages where 
> escalations were necessary to get things resolved and folks familiar 
> with the equipment were hard to find. In meeting with our account team 
> we were able to get them to agree to roll us off the old gear which 
> was really inadequate anyway for the purpose which happened to be an 
> Option A MPLS NNI. It took them a long time to get that done but since 
> then I would say that service levels have returned to the normal 
> albeit somewhat less than desirable levels.
> We have had relatively few problems with our vanilla transit 
> connections though. The same goes for some long haul that they 
> inherited with the Broadwing acquisition. There were some glitches 
> with some of the fiber grooming they did a while back but that seems 
> to have passed.
> I also seem to be receiving less maintenance notifications overall 
> from Level 3 as a general trend. Hope it continues.
> George

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