Circuit numbering scheme - best practice?

Peter Wohlers pedro at
Sat Jan 17 00:55:44 UTC 2009

Jay Hennigan wrote:
> We've grown to the point that "The MCI T-1 in Ontario" or "Bob's 
> ethernet to port 6/23 on switch 7" aren't scaling.  Also in working 
> with carriers we are frequently asked to provide our internal circuit 
> number.
> I've seen a lot of the the LEC scheme NN-XXXX-NNNNNN where XXXX has 
> some significance with regard to the speed and type of circuit.  The 
> leading NN seems to be a mystery and the trailing NNNNNN is a serial 
> number.
> I've also seen DS1-NNNNNNN as a straight speed-serial number type of 
> thing and horrendously long circuit numbers including CLLI codes such 
> as 101/T3/SNLOCAGTH07/SNLOCA01K15 .
> Any suggestions from those who have been down this road as to a schema 
> that makes sense and is scalable?  Are there documented best practices?
my fave: description "XO#SF/LUXX/500032/TQW Tel#877.792.5550 ";
Adding the NOC phone number for carrier in question is immensely useful. 
I know, long hauls with different LECs complicates things, but 
guarantees that someone will thank you at some point in time :)


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