Anyone notice strange announcements for

Michienne Dixon mdixon at
Wed Jan 14 16:06:56 UTC 2009

Like Paul said below - On the surface it looked legit.  I received a
notice indicating my AS had done some wrong and that I should correct
the issue.  Of course I am going to investigate - Maybe I fat fingered
something or one of my tech had done something like not clearing the
code of a lab router when connecting it to the production network.

Or....Maybe there was something nefarious going.  When I attempted to
contact the source of the notice and inform them that I was not
hijacking IP space the message bounced.
I did look up the owner of the netblock.  I saw that it was an
experimental range. I sent an email to Randy (sorry for the fire storm
that followed) but did not receive a response.  Being the reformed
juvenile delinquent I am, my line of thought went to "Hm...Someone could
be up to no-good. I better find out more."   I could have chosen to
ignore it and say "WTF, I'm not doing anything wrong.  Why should I
care?".   Instead I chose to ask my peers, many of whom are much more
knowledgeable than I am, because I feel as network engineers,
administrators, and router-jocks, it is our responsibility to safe-guard
internet traffic and insure reliable communication when we can.   
/My $.02

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Ummmmm.. no.  I can't speak for the others on this list who were
effected like us - but we take this stuff very seriously and
respectively you would too *if* you had a previous legit issue that
appeared to the same **on the surface**.  A cautious and indepth look at
this was taken upon us hoping that history wasn't repeating itself
(previously explained) and thankfully it wasn't ... but until the time
is spent to make absolutely sure how do you know??

At the end of the day, it wasn't a serious operational issue but raised
a number of concerns I believe.... 


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