IPv6 Confusion

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Wed Feb 18 19:53:41 UTC 2009

Kevin Loch wrote:
> Just how DO we get the message to the IETF that we need all the tools we
> have in v4 (DHCP, VRRP, etc) to work with RA turned off?

You don't, because there isn't really a technical reason for turning off 
RA. RA is used as a starting point. It can push you to DHCPv6 or any 
number of other options (such as SLAAC). The same argument goes for 
multicast versus broadcast. The idea is to add an extra level that 
allows for better manipulation and versatility.

Of course, better support and vendor implementation of all the different 
options would be nice.

Most networks have broadcast controls that are mostly vendor specific 
hacks. Now they'll have multicast controls, which is good to have anyways.

If you want to get into something irksome, please point out that looking 
at a much of link local addresses/interfaces for next hopes in IGP's is 
rather annoying. Only reason to even have global routed IP's on the 
router is for traceroutes, but you can't just "look up route, ping next 
hop IP from remote location to verify next hop was reachable".


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