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Malte von dem Hagen mvh at
Wed Feb 11 22:34:38 UTC 2009

Am 11.02.2009 21:50 Uhr, Craig Holland schrieb:
> Mathias Wolkert wrote:

Did he?

>>>> OmniGraffle is the better Visio.
> ...except I've not found any good networking/systems stencils for
> omnigraffle (even on graffletopia).  I tried to import the visio ones in 5.0
> but that didn't work too well.  Someone out there have something for
> omnigraffle that rivals the visio network stencils?

Depends on the target audience, but for documentation purposes, there is
obviously no need for shiny, eyecandy stencils but only for
distinguishable figures. Use circles for routers, rectangles for
switches and so on. There are enough geometric stencils available.



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