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Wed Feb 11 22:51:40 UTC 2009

Le mercredi 11 février 2009 à 23:34 +0100, Malte von dem Hagen a écrit :
> Am 11.02.2009 21:50 Uhr, Craig Holland schrieb:
> > Mathias Wolkert wrote:
> Did he?
> >>>> OmniGraffle is the better Visio.
> > 
> > ...except I've not found any good networking/systems stencils for
> > omnigraffle (even on graffletopia).  I tried to import the visio ones in 5.0
> > but that didn't work too well.  Someone out there have something for
> > omnigraffle that rivals the visio network stencils?
> Depends on the target audience, but for documentation purposes, there is
> obviously no need for shiny, eyecandy stencils but only for
> distinguishable figures. Use circles for routers, rectangles for
> switches and so on. There are enough geometric stencils available.

Or ;)... Unless that you need runtime input, parse your configuration
file repository, and build quite nice looking documents using TeX (plus,
if you fancy nice graphics, pstricks, metapost, or pgf/TiKz). That's
easy with a small few lines of perl (or your parsing language of
choice). If you need run-time data, simply script it into the above
mentioned "engine." The engineering way of lazily producing "marketing 
visual quality" documents... IMHO :)


> Regards,
> .m
michael hallgren, mh2198-ripe
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