v6 & DSL / Cable modems [was: Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space (IPv6-MW)]

John Schnizlein schnizlein at isoc.org
Thu Feb 5 22:00:12 UTC 2009

On 2009Feb4, at 8:56 PM, TJ wrote:
> However, many do not "have" DHCPv6 ... WinXP, MacOS, etc. are not  
> capable.

Maybe upgrades, service packs and updates will make them capable of  
using DHCPv6 for useful functions such as finding the address of an  
available name server by the time IPv6-only networks are in operation.

> Also - does DHCPv6 currently have an option for prefix length?  Just  
> asking.

I did not see this answered in the long thread.  The answer is No,  
prefix length comes in the Router Advertisement.


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