v6 & DSL / Cable modems [was: Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space (IPv6-MW)]

Paul Timmins paul at telcodata.us
Thu Feb 5 23:14:47 UTC 2009

John Schnizlein wrote:
> On 2009Feb4, at 8:56 PM, TJ wrote:
>> However, many do not "have" DHCPv6 ... WinXP, MacOS, etc. are not 
>> capable.
> Maybe upgrades, service packs and updates will make them capable of 
> using DHCPv6 for useful functions such as finding the address of an 
> available name server by the time IPv6-only networks are in operation.
And if not, hardcode em. It's not like your usual nameserver will be 
behind a nat anyway, and generally, a DNS server is a DNS server.*


* Yes, there are times when your DNS server might be serving active 
directory DNS that's not otherwise publicly viewable, but it'll still be 
using globally available addressing, and you can restrict queries by IP 
address and range, allowing global use of the same nameserver, while 
only exposing the AD stuff to your internal network.

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