Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space

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[email protected]>, "Skeeve Stevens" writes:
> Exactly.....
> So.. do I have to be in the US to get ARIN space?  Technically space you get
> is announceable anywhere in the world...
> Can I just have a /32 from ARIN please and not pay the ton of money that
> APNIC ask for?
> I can setup a POBOX in New York if that will help? ;-)
> Actually, that is an interesting question... If I have a network I am
> building in the US/other locale, but I am based here, can I become an
> ARIN/RIPE/etc member and get a range out of them?

	If you are build in the US you will presumable connecting
	it the US so you should be getting the space from ARIN.
	This will help with address allocations aligned with the
	geography.  I can well seen US sites filtering all APNIC
	allocations and using a covering prefix to reach APNIC sites
	as one way to handle route growth.

> ...Skeeve
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> Owen DeLong wrote:
> >...
> > I don't know what the APNIC fees and membership requirements are.
> A succinct summary, see below !
> > However, in the ARIN region, you do not need to be a member to get
> > address space.  The renewal fee for end-user space is $100/year.
> > If you can't afford $100/year, how are you staying connected to the
> > network or paying to power your equipment?
> APNIC fees are an order of magnitude (or more) higher !
> (APNIC-118)
> I quote from APNIC-118 :
> A host address in IPv4 is defined as a /32 and a site address
> in IPv6 is defined a /48.
> The initial fee for an assignment or allocation of IP
> addresses is AU$1.27 per host or site address, with a minimum
> fee of AU$10,384.
> After the first year of the initial assignment or allocation,
> there is an annual registration fee is AU$0.127 per host or
> site address, with a minimum fee of AU$1,038.40.
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