Private use of non-RFC1918 IP space

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So.. do I have to be in the US to get ARIN space?  Technically space you get
is announceable anywhere in the world...
Can I just have a /32 from ARIN please and not pay the ton of money that
APNIC ask for?
I can setup a POBOX in New York if that will help? ;-)

Actually, that is an interesting question... If I have a network I am
building in the US/other locale, but I am based here, can I become an
ARIN/RIPE/etc member and get a range out of them?


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Owen DeLong wrote:
> I don't know what the APNIC fees and membership requirements are.

A succinct summary, see below !

> However, in the ARIN region, you do not need to be a member to get
> address space.  The renewal fee for end-user space is $100/year.
> If you can't afford $100/year, how are you staying connected to the
> network or paying to power your equipment?

APNIC fees are an order of magnitude (or more) higher ! (APNIC-118)

I quote from APNIC-118 :

A host address in IPv4 is defined as a /32 and a site address
in IPv6 is defined a /48.

The initial fee for an assignment or allocation of IP
addresses is AU$1.27 per host or site address, with a minimum
fee of AU$10,384.

After the first year of the initial assignment or allocation,
there is an annual registration fee is AU$0.127 per host or
site address, with a minimum fee of AU$1,038.40.

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