Peer Filtering

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Mon Feb 2 22:27:11 UTC 2009

Hi folks...


I would like to know whether folks are limiting their peering sessions
(BGP peering at public exchanges) only by max-prefix typically?  Are we
the only folks trying to filter all peers using IRR information?


We've run across several peers now with 10,000+ prefixes who do not
register barely half their prefixes in an IRR ... meaning that we deny
the rest by default.


I like to think that filtering on IRR is much better (not perfect by any
means) as a practice but it's probably more *practical* to just limit
max-prefix peers?  We can't force our peers to register at a IRR and the
only party that pays the price is us in that sense..


Am I thinking right on this? ;)










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