Peer Filtering

Martin Barry marty at
Tue Feb 3 01:34:11 UTC 2009

$quoted_author = "Paul Stewart" ;
> I would like to know whether folks are limiting their peering sessions
> (BGP peering at public exchanges) only by max-prefix typically?  Are we
> the only folks trying to filter all peers using IRR information?
No, you're not the only ones.
> We've run across several peers now with 10,000+ prefixes who do not
> register barely half their prefixes in an IRR ... meaning that we deny
> the rest by default.

Most peering agreements I have read require either registration of routes in
an appropriate place or notification to the other party of an appropriate
filter for their routes and/or AS path.

In Au we have multi-lateral peering exchanges and at least the one $work is
on requires registration of routes with the exchange provider who generates
the appropriate filters.

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