RBN and it's spin-offs

Bruce Williams williams.bruce at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 16:02:25 CST 2009

Interesting article about RBN, it's spin-offs and the global network
infrastructure used for cybercrime. Has a passing mention of Atrivo's place
in the global picture.


Reportedly started by someone operating under the name "Flyman," RBN is
known as the mother of cybercrime among online investigators. François
Paget, senior expert for the McAfee company, says that RBN began as an
Internet provider and offered "impenetrable" hosting for $600 a month. This
meant a guarantee that it would not give out information about its clients,
no matter what business they were in. Aleksandr Gostev, director of
Kaspersky Labs, a global research and threat analysis center, believes that
RBN's servers are located in Panama. "Confidential data about clients can be
obtained only by a court decision," a Newsweek source familiar with the
situation says. "But what court do you apply to if criminal ties are
discovered? A Panamanian court?"

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